PageXchanger 2.0

PageXchanger for IIS eliminates file extensions from URLs and source code for a more secure and user
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IMPLEMENT NEXT-GENERATION URLS WITH PORT80 SOFTWARE'S POWERFUL CONTENT NEGOTATION TOOL. PageXchanger eliminates file extensions from URLs and source code for a more secure and user-friendly Web site. This IIS server module separates content from underlying Web technology, allowing for short, secure, persistent easy-to-remember URLs.

VISITORS ARE MORE LIKELY TO REMEMBER YOUR WEB SITE ADDRESSES and less likely to make typing errors. Navigation will be easier and 404 errors will be reduced significantly.

UNDERLYING TECHNOLOGY IS MADE LESS CONSPICUOUS TO HACKERS AND COMPETITORS by removing tell-tale file extensions (.asp, .php, .html, .gif, etc.). Source-sifting and direct URL guessing will be much more difficult.

DEVELOPERS CAN TRANSITION TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS without rewriting the entire site or worrying about browser detection. Switch out .gifs for .jpegs, .html for .asp, or any other MIME type without having to alter URLs - other sites with incoming links and search engine spiders will never notice the difference. Set up redirects without exposing file extensions and deploy multi-lingual sites more easily without worrying about multiple character sets.

IMPLEMENTED AS A SUPER-FAST, LOW IMPACT ISAPI FILTER, PageXchanger includes both MMC and GUI interfaces. The tool is easy to install and uninstall, and works seamlessly with other Port80 products, including w3compiler, ServerMask, and CustomError. And, like all Port80 server tools, PageXchanger is available for a free, fully functional 30-day trial, and includes free technical support.

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